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Our Services

Merchant Credit Card Processing / POS Solutions


Priority Payment Systems offers a full line of terminal hardware from the leading manufacturers, Verifone/Lipman and Hypercom, as well as proprietary equipment such as LinkPoint, Eclipse, and First Data's FD100. From the older terminals, such as Talento and Zon Jr XL, to the newest Hypercom Blade and Verifone VX series, you will find that most existing equipment used by merchants can easily be reprogrammed.

Merchants now have the option of communication method with many terminals. Priority utilizes Apriva, a leader in the wireless industry, for a seamless wireless gateway. Datawire is used for IP connectivity. Priority has on-line access to both of these companies to ensure quick and accurate set ups.

Priority Payment Systems works with hundreds of software and gateway solutions, including:

eProcessing Network

a low cost virtual terminal for retail or MOTO merchants. EPN's product suite also includes recurring payments, shopping carts, fully integrated QuickBook solutions, and processing on WaySystems devices.


First Data's own gateway that offers three levels of payment software. It operates as a basic, virtual terminal to a gateway interface for proprietary software.


an online payment gateway for virtual terminal functionality, as well as a shopping cart and buy button for online sales.


a point of sale payment solution for the restaurant and hospitality industries.


low cost PC software for small and medium-sized merchants. Also certified to do Level 3 and Large Ticket processing on the North/CardNet platform

ACH Direct

web-based processing for both credit card and check/ACH processing. Specifically geared toward doing individual or recurring payments, this software is used in many high volume utility merchants.

Gift Card Programimg

Electronic Gift Cards have become increasingly popular among all types of merchants. Gift Card studies in 2005 show that the average gift card buyer will purchase 5.5 gift cards per year, with an average dollar value of $44.00. The same studies show that 56% of gift card recipients spend more than the value of the card. Gift Cards attract new customers, build a merchant's brand awareness, increase sales and provide a valuable retention tool.*

Priority Payment Systems offers Gift Card solutions through 2 providers: GETI (Global ETelecom, Inc) and First Data Corporation. Both programs offer standard packages as well as Custom Card options. This allows you more choices of card graphics for your merchants and a wider variety of terminal and software options for acceptance. All out-of-the-box programs include marketing materials and card carriers.

Check Services


Why do merchants still accept checks with all the other forms of payment available? Over 90% of shoppers have checking accounts. Checks are considered a safe method of payment. They allow shoppers to spend more, offer easy record keeping and avoid paying credit card interest rates.

Check acceptance is easier than ever before through a variety of check services:

Verification allows merchants to confirm the customer is not listed on national databases for bad checks.

Guarantee ensures that the merchant is protected in case the check is returned for any reason.

Conversion saves time and money by converting the paper into an ACH debit to the check writer's account and creating a deposit into the merchant's account.

Priority Payment Systems has partnered with 3 check service providers to offer multiple options for merchants. These check service providers offer a variety of rates, fees, and Point of Sales solutions to make sure that it is a perfect fit for the merchant.

Retail (including Retail with Tips for Salons)

Retail with Tips allows the merchant to print a dummy receipt showing the base amount and leaving a line for the cardholder to enter a tip amount. The terminal dials out for the single authorization amount which ensures that the transactions meet the best interchange qualifications.

Available on the Omni 3700 line, Nurits and some Hypercom terminals.

Restaurant (including Quick Service Restaurants)

Full Service Restaurants like the flexibility of Tip Adjustment available on our full line of terminal products. Many fast food restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, etc. would rather take advantage of the QSR applications available on some of the Hypercom, Omni and Vx terminals. This application follows the No Signature Required guidelines that do not require a cardholder signature or a receipt for transactions under $25.00.

Mail/Telephone Order/Internet

Priority Payment Systems supports a full line of terminals able to prompt for AVS (Address Verification Service), Invoice/Purchase Order and CVV2 (Card Verification Value), as well as pass the proper MOTO or ECI indicators. This ensures that merchants meet the best interchange qualifications on their key-entered transactions. We also utilize gateways, VARS, and other software geared toward this industry type.

Business to Business

More and more manufacturers and wholesalers are accepting credit cards from their business customers. Many businesses utilize the various Commercial products available from MasterCard and Visa. At Priority Payment Systems, we focus on these B2B merchants by offering special pricing opportunities for these types of transactions.

Supermarket (requires verification of industry requirements)

Priority supports the popular cash register systems and gateways used by this industry. Our systems enable the supermarket to accept almost any type of payment, including credit, debit, EBT, gift card or check.

Lodging/Auto Rental

Priority's Lodging and Auto Rental applications support the incremental authorizations common to these transactions. Available terminal solutions include the Tranz 380 and Hypercoms.

Petroleum/Pay at the Pump

Priority Payment Systems offers card payment processing for merchants needing Pay-at-the Pump or inside store purchases. Systems such Ruby, Gilbarco and Wayne are all certified on the BuyPass platform. Specific interchange rates apply accordingly to transactions run through Automated Fuel Dispensers or at the point of sale inside the store.

We can also process Fleet cards popular for use in these and other automotive merchant locations. Merchants can easily establish processing for Wright Express (WEX), Voyager, Fuelman and MasterCard Fleet Cards as part of the same set up process. Customers frequently ask to use Fleet cards at retail merchants like auto repair and parts stores. Using the FD-100, Ingenico 510, or a Tranz 380, merchants can accept these cards with stand-alone terminals running retail applications.


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